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Education like never before. Sounds bold. It is.

So, how are we going to get there?

Eliminate the biggest barriers to success medical students face: cost, time, and lack of guidance. Gather medical students, junior doctors, consultants and other professionals to teach you exactly how they got to where they are.

That sounds different, disruptive and unlike any other medical platform out there. That’s because we believe the future of learning isn't lectures or traditional teaching at all — there are no lectures, there are no attendance sheets, and you only learn what you want from the best. Everything you need in one place.

Our journey begins with you, help us change the face of medical education.

Welcome to InsideMedicine.


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“Most places are either too clinical, or too waffly and I think they have really hit the perfect balance. The notes are concise but also explain the clinical relevance of everything with up to date guidelines. I just wish there was more content, but I know InsideMedicine have just started. I’m looking forwards for all the summaries to be up.”
UEA Medic
4th year
“Coming soon.”
Medical student
“Topic summaries are simply amazing. They start off from scratch and develop the topic gradually and logically as you go along. Embedded links and diagrams complement the material skilfully. Highly recommend!”
Omar Ali
4th Year medic
“Coming soon”
Medical student
“I like the layout. It’s broken down in digestible chunks with summaries and diagrams - but with enough detail to help you understand the topic. It’s also mobile-friendly which is great for me personally.”
UEA Medic
Medical student
“Coming soon.”
Medical student
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